Our forefathers have gifted us with many good books on the ethics, customs, and traditions of the Tamil language in India, especially in Tamil Nadu. In that way, our ancestors in the field of medicine have left us Siddha, Ayurveda, and many other medical practices. Chief among them is Sage Agathiyya, and Thirumoolar, Patanjali Sage, and eighteen other Siddhas have given us the Siddha medical system.
Rishis and sages have told us about the Ayurvedic system in the North. These medical methods do not cause us any side effects and give health to the body and cure the disease. Our ancestors classified the disease into rheumatism, bile, cholecystitis, and veins. They have diagnosed the disease with these nerves, found and given us medicines. Unlike drugs, in modern medicine, these drugs cure our disease without any side effects.
In Siddha medicine we are given medicines in the form of lakiyam, kulika, suranam, senturam, thailam, kritam. Our disease is easily cured when we eat it along with the ingredients according to the method prescribed by our Siddhas. To make this, they add cumin, pepper, turmeric which are used in our daily diet, and other herbs that are naturally available in the mountains. These are also hammered according to the method prescribed by our Siddhas and made in natural methods.
During the day when these rare herbs are plucked, if you look at the star and worship those plants and pluck them, the diseases will be cured even more. The roots of some plants are used for some medicine. Our ancestors wrote that the roots that go in each direction have different properties when they take those roots.
Every plant has medicinal properties in flowers, roots, leaves, pods, and fruits. Plucking and refining these herbs is a miracle method. Ginger skin is especially toxic, to clean it you need to put the lime in water and clean it. Thus there is a method for each drug.

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